The TRADIE NZ magazine is the voice of one million Kiwi tradies.
A coffee table mag we ain't but you will find us hanging around the caffeine machines and lunch rooms on construction sites throughout New Zealand.
We're also there to say hello whenever tradies head out to buy tools and
materials, grab a feed, have a smoko or raise a glass.

The TRADIE NZ gets product and industry reviews, news and promotions to the entire trade community in an entertaining and informative way, fuelling word-of-mouth discussion on-site and providing "pub ammo" for after work banter.

We meet thousands of tradies every month, so we know what they're thinking and we know what they need. We're their best mate on site — the funniest, toughest, best informed foreman any hard working hero could ask for.

All of which makes us an advertiser's best mate too.

Some quick facts

12,500 copies of The TRADIE find their way into NZ tradies' hands as they work,rest and play – but you won't see us at your local newsagent.

80% are handed out at trade stores, where tradies rock up and demand the magby name. A comprehensive list of stores where The TRADIE is available can befound under distribution.

20% ride into 300+ trade sites every month on the back of our TRADIEdistributors. The mags are handed out in person by The TRADIE distributors – avisit that always gets the boys' attention and makes each issue a major event.

We also provide boxes of The TRADIE to our advertisers at cost, enabling you to pull a crowd at events, exhibitions and trade shows, or ensure your key retailers are handing out copies in store to support your campaign.


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