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The TRADIE NZ is packed full of articles that will assist you in your job, your business, your health and your life. With everything from industry news to articles about onsite safety; entertainment and events for your time off; fitness and health based columns; all the latest in sports and fishing, you will get your dose of the serious stuff and the fun stuff in every issue.

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Who reads Tradie NZ?

Employees of the trade industry including suppliers, contractors, management, HR and health & safety departments. We aim to be the leading trade publication in NZ and be every Tradie's best friend.

What's inside Tradie NZ?

Features will be broad and entertaining covering health and fitness, sport, dream jobs, apprenticeships, safety, trade news, real tradie interviews, tool of the month, boys toys, great giveaways and more!

Where can you find Tradie NZ?

The TRADIE NZ is a quarterly publication with at least 12,000 high quality glossy A4 magazines printed every issue. This FREE publication can be found at hardware stores and construction sites throughout NZ.

Some quick facts about Tradie NZ

12,500 copies of The TRADIE find their way into NZ tradies’ hands as they work,rest and play – but you won’t see us at your local newsagent.

20% ride into 300+ trade sites every month on the back of our TRADIE distributors. The mags are handed out in person by The TRADIE distributors – a visit that always gets the boys’ attention and makes each issue a major event.

80% are handed out at trade stores, where tradies rock up and demand the magazine by name. A comprehensive list of stores where The TRADIE is available and can be found under distribution.

We also provide boxes of The TRADIE to our advertisers at cost, enabling you to pull a crowd at events, exhibitions and trade shows, or ensure your key retailers are handing out copies in store to support your campaign.

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