With winter on the way Wellington Rafting is gearing up for an epic season of high flow adventures. We won’t just be rafting but have all sorts of adventures to  choose from which are listed below!

Based in the Hutt Valley, they offer the following activities.
• Whitewater rafting from Grade 2 up to Grade 4/5
• Canyoning
• Helicopter access rafting
• Abseiling

Combos we offer

• Raft and Craft
• Ropes and rivers
• Bikes, boats and brews
• Raft and abseil
• Over night helicopter access rafting, hike in raft out
• Introducing fly fishing,

Safety is paramount with expert staff on board, with every trip being made Safe, challenging and fun, whether you are just a full on adrenaline junkie or a Leisure lover.

This is for everyone of all age, size or ability, come along and find out for yourself.

Book NOW and enjoy the Adventure; Phone 0204 RAFT IT (0204 7238 48) www.wellingtonrafting.nz