Work, recreation and adventure with Utemaster

Utemaster understands that a versatile ute should not just get the job done, but also enhance weekend adventure pursuits. The company’s innovative product line-up helps owners unleash their ute’s potential: “get stuff done and enjoy life’s adventures” without compromise.

1. Load-Lid
Does the current tub serve the purpose? The Utemaster Load-Lid is no ordinary tonneau cover. Whether used for work or adventure, the Load-Lid is a practical  alternative to a roller shutter and it will unleash a ute’s potential on and off the job site.

2. Centurion Canopy
Traditionally, ute canopies are constructed with fiberglass or ABS plastic. The  Utemaster Centurion Canopy is constructed with aluminum which gives it greater  strength. It has a dynamic load rating of 200kg and a static load rating of 600kg.  Because it is so strong, it can maximise access through full-width doors without compromising on the structural integrity of the canopy.

3. TrailCore
The TrailCore is a game-changer for chassis-mounted storage systems! Adding an  underbody drawer to a traditional tray canopy or service body increases the overall  height of the setup because it has to fit underneath the body. This can make reaching gear that’s positioned down the centre of the body even more  difficult. The TrailCore  Service Body features a unique drop-down floor which you can add an opening drawer too.

4. GearForce
The GearForce System turns a stock standard Wildtrak roller shutter into a versatile  workhorse! It mounts over the top of your factory roller shutter and provides a strong load area on top to load gear that would otherwise not fit inside the tub. For added convenience, the platform opens on gas struts to allow easy access to the gear stowed underneath.

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