Weekend Adventures

Lets admit it – when we get a Ute we justify it’s need for helping us earn revenue during the week, but we actually want a Ute for the  weekend adventures!

Utemaster have a range of accessories that help you get more work done faster, so you can spend more time enjoying life’s  adventures!

Core products in the Utemaster range include the Load-Lid, Centurion Canopy and the new TrailCore Service Body – check them  out…


Having to tow a trailer so you can get all your tools and equipment to the job site? Leaving behind bikes or other adventure gear  because it won’t fit in your ute? The Utemaster Load-Lid™ doubles your wellside capacity with a 200kg load rating!

It allows you to lock away all your sensitive tools and adventure gear in the wellside, and then secure large items such as bikes,  building materials and other gear directly on top of the lid. This means you can take more gear than you ever could with a roller  shutter or tonneau cover!

Centurion Canopy

Traditionally, ute canopies are constructed with fibreglass or ABS plastic meaning the have poor access, a lack of strength, and no  security.

The Utemaster Centurion Canopy is constructed with Aluminium and is designed with access, strength, and security in mind making  it the ultimate canopy for both the jobsite, and weekend missions.

Its full width doors make accessing your gear easy, saving you valuable time when unload your gear at the construction site or once  you have got to your weekend adventure destination.


The TrailCore is a game-changer for Service Bodies. The TrailCore is the most spacious, practical and modern Service Body ever.

Rather than a box built on a flat floor, the TrailCore follows the shape of the chassis in the middle. This lowers the floor height and  improves workflow, it also reduces the risk of injury on the job site.

If your ute is more than a work ute, the TrailCore will fit in perfectly at the beach, on the motorway, and on a construction site! It’s  been designed to match the shape of the body and better still, there are no exposed rivets on the outside surface which makes it a  breeze to sign write, not to mention the sleek look.

In addition to these features, the TrailCore has a wide range of shelving, drawer, and accessories so you can customise it to your  lifestyle.


If you are looking to upgrade your ute for work, play or a mix of both – Utemaster has a wide range of products designed to suit your  lifestyle!

With the right setup on the back of your ute you can tackle anything. Get Stuff Done, Enjoy Life’s Adventures: www.utemaster.co.nz

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