NEW CIGWELD Transmig 3-in-1 Welding Inverter Range

The iconic blue brand has done it again! CIGWELD have launched the latest range in TRANSMIG self-contained multi process welding Inverters: The Transmig 165ST, 175i+ and for that extra kick, the Transmig 220i. These single phase 3-in-1 units are capable of performing MIG (GMAW/FCAW), STICK (MMAW) and Lift TIG (GTAW) welding processes and damn well!

These impressive units are packed full of features like an integrated wire feed unit, Voltage Reduction Device (VRD)1 and Digital Display Voltage and Amperage meters2, these units have certainly raised the bar in welding technology and quality built to last. In fact, all three units are backed by a 3 Year Limited Warranty and are fully compliant to Australian Standards, not to be confused by cheaper, lower-grade products in the market.

CIGWELD products go through months of stringent tests including drop tests, dust, weather and power trips to ensure the products put to market will withstand the tough conditions put to it by the welding legend and Australian environment. Let's not forget to mention CIGWELD's tech support team to help you achieve the best results for your job – if you need them that is!

It's safe to say, I didn't want to return this baby and it's on my Christmas wish list – a must-have for my collection over the older, heavier faithfuls I've been making do with for too many years. It also comes with a 3 year warranty, making it even more desirable! This is a beast of a welder, so do yourself a favour and get your hands on one too!"

It's safe and exciting to say that whether you're a professional wanting a reliable, powerful and efficient machine to get your jobs done well or simply a DIY enthusiast, you can't go past the latest Transmig Series by CIGWELD – We've got welding and cutting covered!

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