Risk Management & Insurance Basics for Tradies

Running any kind of business involves a certain degree of risk, and building trades are no exception. Indeed, tradies face additional responsibilities placed on them by the Building Act, such as disclosure requirements, mandatory contract terms and implied warranties. These responsibilities can be overwhelming without the right skills, support and systems in place. A risk management framework is a good place to start to identify the potential risks you face.

We've identified 7 signs you definitely need this new app in your tradie business.

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Count how many you see yourself saying 'yes' to:
  • If you lost your phone or diary, you'd have no backup of your job notes, customers and previous quotes.
  • A customer asks you to re-send a quote while you're on the go, but it's on your computer at home and you'll need to do it later.
  • You have no idea if a customer has viewed your quote and if you should follow up.
  • After a site visit you need to email images to yourself, screen grab notes and collate it all later.
  • A customer calls you to refer a friend and you have no idea what work you did for them previously.
  • You spend nights surrounded by notes, invoices, bills and your diary, staring at an excel spreadsheet and decide to put it off until tomorrow.
  • You ask your partner to help you with your backlog of paperwork and calendar scheduling, instead of taking them out for dinner.
If you agreed with a couple or all of the above, maybe it's a sign you need Bridge, the app built for tradies. Get your business online, look professional and streamline your life.

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