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Design and function work together in a unique way in the NEW KNIPEX ErgoStrip.

Dismantling of a data cable

Dismantling of a data cable
Dismantling of a NYM cable

Dismantling of a NYM cable
Stripping of a coax cable

Stripping of a coax cable
The essential tool for all cables used in modern house installation. In the past, electricians needed a number of tools to dismantle and strip different types of cables. This means: full pockets and lots of hand movements.

KNIPEX ErgoStrip – a world first in the area of cable tools.
The innovative pistol grip design, with patent pending provides space for additional functions, making it possible to combine the stripping of all common NYM cable with the dismantling of data cable and the stripping and dismantling of coax cable in a single tool. In addition, there is no need to change grip when dismantling.

For electricians, plant manufacturers and fitters the benefits are enormous;

Tapered tool ends:
  • Enables dismantling in confined spaces
  • Ideally shaped for work on junction and distribution boxes
Locators for stripping:
  • KNIPEX has placed location ridges on the wire stripping holes so that the correct cable position for stripping can be found intuitively, even in the dark.
Angled inserts:
  • The insertion points for coax and data cable are angled. With gentle pressure, cables slide into the correct position almost by themselves.
Length scale:
  • Dismantles and strips data and coax cable to the same length using the scale
Lengthwise cutting function:
  • NYM cables can be cut lengthwise conveniently and safely. This is ensured by the practical cable guide, where the cable is automatically pressed and fed against the guide hollows on the housing. This compact and robust universal tool is a further step to saying goodbye to heavy toolboxes, because here all the important tool functions are combined.
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